How to use graded readers


This particular area gives teachers the possibility of getting acquainted with the rich potential of each Black Cat reader, through an in-depth examination of the different parts of the text--illustrations, activities, dossiers, CDRom, playscripts. This will inevitably lead you to our wonderful digital books and the Interactive Whiteboard.

Eight tips on video with practical examples and suggestions, in order to get the most out of the readers.

  1. Exploiting covers.
    To get to know the reader, starting from the front cover.
  2. Exploiting introductions and dossiers. 
    To get the most out of the reader from the very first pages.
  3. Exploiting Audio Recordings.
    To maximize the use of the audio CD.
  4. Exploiting CDRoms.
    To maximize the interaction with the CDROM
  5. Exploiting Summary Based Activities.
    Tips on how to get the most out of these activities in class and at home.
  6. Exploiting Internet Projects.
    How to use the web as a source of information for cross-curricular activities.
  7. Exploiting Play scripts.
    Tips on how to maximize their use with younger students
  8. Exploiting Digital Book.
    All the potentialities that the reader offers, in both the paper and digital format, that can be used at home or in class. 


Five chapters that summarize the contents of the tutorial videos and numerous FAQS, the questions most frequently asked by teachers who use Black Cat readers.

  1. How to use the text and activities
  2. How to use the Illustrations
  3. How to use dossiers and internet project
  4. The interactive whiteboard and the digital reader
  5. How to use the digital reader with the interactive whiteboard