Murder at Coyote Canyon

The Fourth of July, also called Independence Day,  is on every American calendar and it is probably one of the nation’s greatest festivities. It is the birthday of the United States!

And on the night of July 4th, when everyone is out celebrating, a terrible murder takes place at Coyote Canyon, California.  A mysterious Indian warrior, riding a horse, kills Jacob Richardson with an ancient Indian spear. The entire town is shocked by this horrid murder, but everyone knows that Richardson had plenty of enemies, particularly in the American Indian community. After all, he wanted to build luxury homes on an ancient Indian cemetery, which is sacred land.

Michelle, Bill and Nick are three teenage friends who want to solve this mystery and help their good friend, George, an American Indian who is suspected of the murder. The old American Indian chief, Wild Wolf, uses his magic powers to help the three friends discover the truth…which is truly shocking!

Read the dossier American Indians, and get acquainted with the great Indian chiefs like Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and Sitting Bull, who were brave warriors and honest men.

1) What can you do on the Fourth of July?
2) When do the people of China celebrate their national holiday?
3) How do the Chinese celebrate?



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